Hi David,

I would personally like to thank you David for accepting my son Jack onto the NLP Fast Track Practitioner Training held in London 2013.

On reflection I can say that teaching my child how to use the language of excellence, within his mind to achieve specific and desired goals and outcomes, is the most greatest gift a parent can give to their child.

Below are a few thoughts from Jack and what he got from the NLP fast track practitioner training.

I got communication skills and perspectives on people’s thoughts and opinions. This has benefited me in school and with friends and family .

This knowledge in the future will help me in Job interviews or even running my own business.

The NLP training has also given me confidence and better focus in school lessons and activities.

I look forward to the Master NLP Practitioner Training next year.

Jack Roach, Bolton, age 11.


I would just like to say thank you very much. The training course me and my mum took with you was absolutely amazing. I very much look forward to continuing my further education with NLP. Thank you very much David from me and my mum.

Malana, Dublin, age 12.


Hello David, this is Reece’s Dad. Just a quick follow up, it was excting to sit in on Reece’s class NLP Training 4 Kids. I was astonished at how quickly Reece was able to understand and acknowledge the concepts within the excercises he took with myself and yourself. Looking forward to your next 7-day Fast Track NLP Training.


Reece, Boston Massachusetts, age 11



I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the excellent 2 day NLP Training 4 Kids. I never knew that my kids would be so excited to learn and would so quickly absorb the ideas put forward by the course.

Christine, UK