Perception / Projection

The Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung stated that:

“We tend to marry our unconscious mind and then project out onto her all of our unresolved stuff.” “The information which is most unconscious in us, we by need, must project out onto someone around us.”

What this tells us is that we are all in our own unique way, self-healers.


When choosing to be at Cause we autonomically and automatically bring a new awareness to the characteristics of others which means that we are in fact projecting a new heightened awareness onto ourselves.

Having this understanding in place, your child will expand their current perspective of themselves, and utilise the relationships they have with their family members, friends, classmates, and teachers etc. to positively re-align who they are and how they do what they do.

When a child has a belief about their exams, their tests, their future, they will indeed project that belief and bring it forth to be. Therefore when your child learns to have positive, and unlimited beliefs and perceptions about themselves, they will create and project a positive and unlimited world around them.