Cause and Effect

The language pattern of Cause and Effect (which is seen in the Milton Model) takes place when one thing is said to have ‘Caused another’. A person who chooses to be at Effect, will continuously give excuses, reasons, and justifications for everything that happens in their lives. They will pass the blame onto others before coming back to Self. A person who is on the Cause side of the equation will take full responsibility for all of the things/people/emotions/events that they have chosen to bring into their lives. The concept of Cause and Effect however is more than a language pattern, it is a standard of living, a mode of Excellence.

At NLP Training 4 Kids we are passionate about bringing your child back to Cause for themselves by refining their communication skills, and applying specific and precise techniques which will give them a better understanding of their model of the world, the environment and the people in it.


When a child choses to be at Cause for everything they do, they automatically enhance their creative ability by manifesting that which is true to them, that which is desired to be in place in order to bring forth positive self-development.

When a child chooses to be at Cause, there is no room for excuses, reasons or justifications. All of those aspects of Effect fall away and what is present is everything that is already Known, yet had been forgotten.