Gina’s Story


Gina is a Master Practitioner, Business Entrepreneur, Master NLP Business / Life Coach with an impeccable aptitude intellect & philosophy to understand just what the child requires to negotiate with specific strategies how to align the construct of a child’s conscious behaviours & state of Mind, that then allows the child to be at cause for What & How they create the model of there world,

This gives to the child a new perspective on life there confidence, self belief & self esteem that generates new patterns of positive behaviours, that offer to the child a profoundly powerful empowered self.

Here is a short story form Gina a mother of two children, who has used NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in her own life & her children’s,

I grew up in a small town outside of Boston. I had a very normal childhood, my dad was a construction worker and my mom stayed home to raise the three of us. I was the oldest of three girls, my sisters were twins and 22 monthls younger than me. We were always close aside from the high school years where there were several slap fights over clothes, boys, and tattle tales.


I went to college in Newport, RI at Salve Regina University, where our campus was amongst some of the oldest and most famous mansions in the country, Some of the dorms were even located inside these mansions!

I studied graphic design and minored in journalism. I loved both, but was never quite sure what is was I wanted to be “when I grew up.”

Right out of college I got a couple of corporate jobs doing exactly what I went to school for and loved it. I was working at Gillette when they merged with P&G and our creative department got shut down. I didn’t want to go back to another corporate job, so I started my own company and got some great contacts. I was able to work for myself, from my home office, choosing when I worked and with who.

It was during this time I met my future husband, he was a corrections officer who did construction on the side. When an incident happened with an inmate, he retired early from the jail on disability and his construction business skyrocketed. We were on top of the world for a few years, got married, bought a piece of land to build a house, and then I got pregnant.

I can honestly say I know exactly when my marriage fell apart and why. It was the miscommunication between both of us – after being certified as a master practitioner in NLP, it opened up a new world to me and allowed me to go back and look at my marriage as an outsider. There’s so much that could have been done differently if we both had these tools in our toolbox and were able to take advantage of this NLP language. Its ok though, because the thought processes and what is taught within NLP has literally turned my life around. If I hadn’t learned it, I’d be a very angry bitter person who’d be wasting away in negativity.


Not only did NLP show me how I can use language to get a desired result with my soon-to-be ex-husband, but even more importantly with my children, especially my oldest. He had a rough time for a little while with the changes and had some behavioral issues. Once I started addressing them using NLP 4 Kids, he became a new kid.

I’m so looking forward to helping more adults and children use this amazing tool as a way to help children behave better, feel better, act better, and just be better!

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