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Our Courses:

2 Day NLP Foundation Training  – Ages 7-13
NLP Practitioner Training – Ages 10-16
NLP Master Practitioner Training – Ages 13 – 16
Advanced learning, concepts, and ideas for the world beyond school – Ages 17 – 18

Our 2016 NLP Two Day Training dates for Kids:

Rhode Island USA

March: Saturday 12th / Sunday 13th
April: Saturday 23rd / Sunday 24th

Our 2016 NLP Seven Day Fast Track Practitioner Training dates for Adults:

(including Time Line TherapyTM, Life Coaching, and Hypnosis) with four World Renowned Certifications & Accreditations.

March: Monday 14th / Sunday 20th

Our 2016 NLP Twelve Day Fast Track Master Practitioner Training dates for Adults:

Master Practitioner 12 Day NLP Training (including Time Line TherapyTM, Life Coaching, and Hypnosis) with four World Renowned Certifications & Accreditations.

May Saturday 21st / June Wednesday 1st

Venues: Wyndham Garden Providence

220 India Street, Providence,RI 02903

Hilton Logan Airport

1 Airport Drive, Boston, MA. 02128

Hilton Hartford

315 Trumbull Street, Hartford, CT 06103

Intonation Pattern

What is an intonation pattern?

And most importantly, what do they mean In English!

(The “W’s stand for “Word”) & How it effect’s what we are truly saying, as a child, by way of our communication!

When your child has learned how to use intonations correctly,

How will that help her/him communicate with excellence.

Intonation Pattern

How to: Discover – Develop – Deliver Excellence


At NLP Training 4 Kids we have on offer for your child an innovative and uplifting learning opportunity in which we share techniques to enhance a variety of aspects including:

  • Motivation      
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-worth & Self-esteem
  • Learning Strategies
  • Enhanced Memory Skills
  • Homework Strategies
  • How to Present Magically.

Plus many more!

Over the course of our trainings we ensure that your child and / or children will embark on a profound journey of self-development and self-discovery. To have in place what it is that is required for them to excel in all fields of life, and at such a young age.That is the difference that makes a difference.

Key Concepts

  • Building & Developing Communication Skills!
  • Helping Children Achieve Their True Potential!
  • Enabling Children to get the most of Life!
  • Fostering Social Awareness Within the Individual!
  • Structuring Foundations of Positivity which suit the child psychology

Strategic Processing - The Mindset

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Our Goal

What is important about teaching our future generations how best to perform linguistic language patterns that presuppose the change we want to have happen in the world?

Why would our children need to be in charge of the response they want in relation to how best they communicate all aspects of who they are, and how they do what they do...

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David R. Behan

Teaching & Training internationally with more than 15 years' experience in Executive Business / Life coaching. Successfully re-training people from all walks of life to reach their Professional Business & Personal life goals.

David is also the Founder and Creator of NCLS® (New Code Linguistic Strategies®)

Jessica Xavier

Jessica obtained a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and Bachelor of Science in chemical dependency/addiction studies from Rhode Island College in 2011. Jessica has pursued her passion of helping others in eccentric ways.

In 2014, she became a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Master NCLS® (New Code Linguistic Strategies®) Practitioner, Reiki, and IET Practitioner. Jessica is now establishing her wellness coaching practice in providence using a body, mind, and spirit model.

Gina Rossetti

Gina is a Master Practitioner, Business Entrepreneur, Master NLP Business / Life Coach with an impeccable aptitude intellect & philosophy to understand just what the child requires to negotiate with specific strategies how to align the construct of a child's conscious behaviours & state of Mind, that then allows the child to be at cause for What & How they create the model of there world

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Youngest NLP Practitioner in Great Britain

Hi David,

I would personally like to thank you David for accepting my son Jack onto the NLP Fast Track Practitioner Training held in London 2013.

On reflection I can say that teaching my child how to use the language of excellence, within his mind to achieve specific and desired goals and outcomes, is the most greatest gift a parent can give to their child.

Read what Jack (aged 11) had to say here

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